Sick (Fit/Med3) notes

If you are off work due to a Hospital admission, a Sick Note can be issued by the Hospital to cover the period of time you were in the Hospital. Once discharged, your GP can issue a Sick Note, based on your Hospital discharge letter. If you think this is your situation, our Reception Team will assist you.

Please use our Online Patient Triage Request to request a Sick or Fit note.

Please note a Sick or Fit Note can be backdated but cannot be future dated; please discuss this when you see your GP.

Emergency or urgent appointments will not be booked to request Sick / Fit notes.


If you have been sick for more than four days in a row, but less than seven, you can self–certify your illness using a SC2 form. You can obtain this form from your employer or the HMRC website. If you are unwell for more than four days you are advised to contact the surgery to assess your fitness to work.

If you are off work for less than seven days, you are responsible for your own self-certification on form SC1 (available from reception or any post office).

Download Self Certificate Form


After seven days a doctor’s certificate (Form Med3) is required. You may not need an appointment if the doctor is already aware of your condition. Telephone the surgery for advice if in doubt. Employers are legally bound to accept self certificates. Some, however, still insist on a doctor’s certificate during the first seven days of absence, in which case a private certificate will be issued and a fee will be charged. Your employer may reimburse you.