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30a Church Street, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire , CM23 2LY

Telephone: (01279) 657636

Open - After 5pm ring doorbell

Thorley Health Centre, Thorley, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, CM23 4EG

Haymeads Health Centre, Herts and Essex Hospital, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, CM23 5JH

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You can book an appointment by telephoning the practice. We encourage you to use the Online Patient Triage Request available (no username or password required).

We have been working hard to offer a high level of care to our patients, which is continually reviewed by our team. We have very successfully introduced online, video and telephone consulting into our practice. You will be asked if you would like to be contacted by video link should this be deemed necessary. A weblink will be sent to your mobile number, where you will be asked to join a secure, confidential video consultation with the clinician.

Your request for an appointment will be assessed on urgency. Patients who require urgent medical attention will be prioritised. For non urgent medical queries you may be offered a routine appointment. 


Urgent home visits

For home visits requests, please contact our reception team.

If you have an urgent need for a home visit telephone the surgery and the receptionist will take your details and notify the duty doctor. The doctor will call you as soon as possible and discuss your problem with you or your carer. Same day visits in Hertfordshire are carried out by the Acute In-Hours Visiting Service, provided by Herts Urgent Care. It is a HUC GP that will visit you and the surgery will receive a written report by the next working day.

Routine home visits

Housebound patients requiring a routine or non-urgent home visit will be visited by one of the practice GPs. These visits can take several weeks to organise, longer if you require a specific GP. Home visits take a long time and if you are able to come into the surgery with assistance for routine reviews you are likely to be seen sooner and with a greater choice of GP.


For Out of Hours services, please follow the link below to find out more information. 

þ Out of Hours Information


Here are some tips to make the most of your appointment.
  • One problem per visit – The Doctor may not be able to deal with lots of problems in one visit.
  • Please make a separate appointment for each family member – A maximum of three appointments is permitted at any one time, including for yourself. If you require additional appointments for family members these must be arranged at another time.
  • Talk about the most important thing first – It is best to talk about the most important problem first, even if it is the most embarrassing or worrying, Write everything down before hand if necessary.
  • Is this your first visit to the Practice?– Please bring a list of medication you are currently taking.
  • If you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask again – The Doctor can explain what has been said or any words you did not understand.
  • Ask a friend or family member to come with you 
  • Make sure you know what happens next – You may be asked to book a follow up appointment, be referred to a Consultant or require to attend for further tests.  Make sure you know if you need to do anything and write it down if necessary.
  • If you are late –  you may not been seen. Please allow plenty of time when travelling to the Practice, and if driving for parking your car.
  • Cancellations – Please contact the surgery as soon as possible if you are unable to attend an appointment so that we are able to allocate this to another patient.  
  • Zero tolerance – Please be respectful to other patients and staff when attending the Practice. Disruptive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.


Note – Patients should see their Dentist for problems with teeth or gums. If you are not registered with a Dentist and have a dental emergency (pain, swelling, trauma or bleeding) please refer to the NHS guidance

þ How to contact a Dentist


Who to see?

For information on what service you require, please see the Who to see page.



You have the right to accept or refuse treatment that is offered to you, and not to be given any physical examination or treatment unless you have given valid consent. If you do not have the capacity to do so, consent must be obtained from a person legally able to act on your behalf, or the treatment must be in your best interests.

Your valid consent (agreement to the course of action) is needed for the treatment that’s offered to you before any physical examinations or treatment can be given. If you haven’t given your consent, you can accept or refuse treatment that’s offered to you.

It’s important to be involved in decisions about your treatment and to be given information to help you choose the right treatment. When making treatment choices, you’ll often discuss the options with your doctor or another healthcare professional.



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